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Arshia, India


We are joined today by Arshia, an international student who joined the Global BBA Program in 2019. Arshia came to NUCB after completing her IBDP in India with The International School Bangalore (TISB).

Arshia (India)The International School Bangalore (TISB)

What attracted you to Japan and NUCB?

I've always had an interest in Japan and its culture, and the country is also extremely successful in the business sector, so what better place to study business.

Also, there aren't many opportunities to study in English in Japan so when I found NUCB, I got to know that they had a unique program, while also being situated in Nagoya. NUCB also has various facilities and clubs on campus which is also attractive because I really like tennis and NUCB allows me to partake in my interests and join clubs that would not only help me make new friends but also stay active.

What helped you the most when you first settled in Japan?  

Since I went to an international school, I had a few Japanese contacts so I spoke to them to know a little bit more about the culture. Some advice I would give would be to try and learn a little Japanese before you come here. It'd definitely helpful to know the language (at least the basics) as it makes your life easier while settling in.

When I first came to Japan I used to call my parents every day and stay in touch with other friends from my high school. With time, I made some amazing friends who stood by my side and helped me get used to the place. Now whenever I miss home, I just watch a lot of movies and go eat traditional food.

How did the IB help you prepare for university life at NUCB? What do you like about the Case Method?

The IB was such a rigorous course, but because of that, it's made my college life much easier. Writing so many essays in the IB has enabled me to be quick and efficient when working on my college coursework. The IB really teaches the importance of time management and also the ability to work under pressure, which are both very important skills a person needs to possess for the Global BBA Program and in life.

The Case method really allows you to give your personal opinion in a lot of classes.  I love the fact that the takeaways are what you get from the experience, rather than memorizing for an exam.

Also, as there are no final exams on the Global BBA Program, I really like the fact that you are asked to participate with people from all over the world and actually learn from other people's perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.

You have joined a lot of cultural activities, what has been your favorite event so far?

My favorite event was the trip to Kumano Kodo (熊野古道). It was a trek into the forests to a temple and also to Nachi Falls. The trip was an overnight experience so it was amazing to be able to spend so much time with our seniors and the exchange students who joined the trip. I had some amazing roommates and was able to make a lot of new friends when on this trip.

What is your favorite thing about living in the dorms and in Greater Nagoya?

The best part of my university's housing is probably the fact that our dorm rooms are fully equipped. In the girls' dorm, we have private rooms, each with a washing machine, refrigerator, kitchenette, microwave, and bathroom. This makes life easier as we can take our own time. Not having a roommate gives you that freedom and feeling of your own personal space which is quite nice. It's also very convenient to live close to our university campus and also be able to live near our classmates.

What do you usually do on the weekends?

On weekends I like to take the train to different parts of Nagoya with my friends and look around/explore. I'm either trying new food, traveling, or just sitting indoors with friends and enjoying a good talk. Since Japan has so many things to see, weekends are never boring as everyone gets together for fun events like barbecues and karaoke parties!