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New Record: 98.4% Employment Rate For March 2024 Graduates

Exciting news is on the horizon as NUCB proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement in employment rates! With an astounding 98.4% employment rate for the March 2024 graduating class, NUCB sets a new standard of success. This remarkable accomplishment not only marks the highest level in the past five years but also surpasses the national university average employment decision rate for over 15 years.

Job Search Support Program and Personalized Assistance

At NUCB, we take immense pride in our acclaimed job placement support system, consistently lauded by prestigious rankings and esteemed high schools. Our holistic approach seamlessly blends the unique features of our university's job placement program with personalized assistance catered to each student's career aspirations.

Mastering Japanese: A Key to Unlocking Opportunities

While we offer a myriad of opportunities for student engagement, including university-sponsored overseas internships, captivating seminars, and interactive job hunting workshops, it's crucial for international students to recognize the importance of honing their Japanese language skills. While individual career consultations are available in English, our job hunting seminars and workshops are conducted exclusively in Japanese. Moreover, as students venture into the Japanese job market, proficiency in business-level Japanese is often a prerequisite for success.

NUCB provides Japanese language courses carefully crafted to suit various proficiency levels. While initially mandatory during your first year, we passionately encourage students to embrace this linguistic journey throughout their entire four-year tenure. This ensures that by graduation, students possess a proficient level of Japanese, facilitating their seamless integration into the Japanese workforce should it align with their career aspirations.

CAPI (Career Advancement Program International)

Immerse yourself in a 3-week to 3-month work experience initiative proudly sponsored by the university, spotlighting Japanese enterprises in Southeast Asia and India. This program is designed to empower students as they embrace the challenge of practical internships, nurturing their autonomy and proactivity.

Venturing into an overseas environment beyond Japan, students acquire invaluable hands-on business acumen while cultivating a global mindset essential for their future professional endeavors. This firsthand exposure not only enhances their employability but also propels their personal career growth, shaping a dynamic and multifaceted professional identity.

Job Offer Acquisition Seminar (in Japanese)

A dynamic 5-day on-campus seminar, held during summer and winter breaks, dedicated to meticulous self-exploration. The cornerstone of securing a fulfilling job offer rests upon the art of self-analysis. Through engaging lectures led by seasoned instructors and invaluable insights from senior peers, participants embark on a journey of introspection, equipping themselves with the tools to navigate the job market with confidence.

By delving into self-assessment, attendees gain the clarity needed to research industries, pinpoint their career aspirations, and adeptly navigate every stage of the selection process—from crafting compelling resumes to acing interviews. This immersive experience empowers individuals to forge their path towards professional success with poise and purpose.

Job Hunting Workshop (in Japanese)

This intensive two-day camp-style program focuses on elevating students' awareness and confidence for successful job hunting.

Through mock group and individual interviews led by industry professionals, participants gain invaluable experience and the assurance needed to navigate the job market with ease. Led by fourth-year students who have secured impressive job offers, this workshop ensures a seamless transfer of job-hunting know-how from seniors to juniors. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills and thrive in your career journey.