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Kosuke Shiraishi (Specialized in Antitrust Law) appointed as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Kosuke Shiraishi to the Faculty of Economics at NUCB Undergraduate School as a full-time associate professor, starting on June 1, 2023. With a diverse background and remarkable expertise, he brings a wealth of practical experience to our institution.

Mr. Shiraishi's professional journey includes serving as a national public officer, where he gained invaluable insights working at the Fair Trade Commission's Examination Bureau and other notable positions. Furthermore, he holds a doctoral degree in law from Graduate School of Business Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shiraishi has focused his research activities on the intricate relationship between the enforcement of standard essential patents and competition law. This specialization positions him perfectly to provide guidance and offer unique insights based on real-world cases. His active involvement in the process of drafting laws, enacting statutes, and administering antitrust regulations has granted him a profound understanding of the legal landscape and the practical realities of various business activities across diverse industries.

We have no doubt that Mr. Shiraishi's extensive knowledge and experience will have a positive and lasting impact on our university. Through his commitment to both teaching and research, he will undoubtedly enrich the educational experience of our students and contribute to the advancement of our academic community. We warmly welcome Mr. Shiraishi to our university.

Faculty Profile
Mr. Kosuke Shiraishi has been employed at the General Secretariat of the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) since 2006, where he has played a pivotal role in reviewing cases related to violations of the Antimonopoly Act. His responsibilities also include revising the Antimonopoly Act and handling litigation pertaining to violations of this act.

In addition to his professional commitments at the Fair Trade Commission, Mr. Shiraishi has actively pursued academic research in the field of Antimonopoly Law. This dedication led him to obtain a doctoral degree (juris doctor) from the University of Tsukuba's Graduate School of Business Sciences in 2016, where he participated in the institution's doctoral program.

- Introduction to Law
- Introduction to Economic Law
- Constitution of Japan
- Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
- Antitrust and Corporate

Establishment of the Department of Civil Servant Course in the Faculty of Economics

This course of study is designed for students who intend to enter national and local public service, including positions in the police, firefighting, and other public service sectors. If employees within a company can be considered as the human capital responsible for managing the company, then public servants serve as the human capital tasked with "managing the public." The purpose of this major is to nurture public servants who can contribute to the public interest by applying the essence of management education that our university has cultivated to the public sector.

NUCB has established the Civil Service major as a program that allows students who aspire to become civil servants to acquire the necessary skills to pass the civil service examinations through systematic and practical study. The program offers an environment in which students can systematically take classes related to the academic fields that will be tested in the civil service examinations. Moreover, it provides a support system to assist students in preparing for examinations in areas such as numerical processing and text comprehension, which require logical thinking skills.