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Nisshin Campus Azaleas in Full Bloom

At NUCB Undergraduate School, you'll find a stunning cluster of satsuki azaleas with red and white flowers in full bloom, creating a mesmerizing sight. These flowers are currently at their peak, so it's the perfect time to pay a visit.

Adjacent to the azaleas is a wisteria trellis, which boasts a range of colors, including light red, purple, and white. The trellis adds to the already stunning campus with a striking array of hues.

If you need a break or a place to relax, consider stopping by the SORA CAFE located on the first floor of the Community Pavilion. It's open to the public, so feel free to enjoy the flowers and the cozy atmosphere.

Directions to Nisshin Campus

Stunning Landscaping Projects at Nisshin Campus

Since our move to the Nisshin campus, we have undertaken several landscaping projects thoughtfully designed to take advantage of the land's unique features, including its slope. The project involves selecting various tree species such as camphor trees, cypresses, Japanese white cypresses, sorghum trees, and sawtooth oak, along with bird-attracting trees like mountain ash, nandina, dogwood, and colorful sasanquas. These plantings align with SDG Goal 13, which aims to take concrete measures against climate change.

The campus is also lined with metasequoias and Yoshino cherry trees, which have become campus symbols and add to its aesthetics. Our Nisshin campus's extensive collection of trees and flora creates a visually stunning environment that fosters an atmosphere of learning, reflection, and appreciation for the natural world.

About NUCB

Since its inception in 1953, the school has been committed to delivering world-class management education. The university holds the distinction of being the first in Japan to receive three international accreditations, commonly known as Triple Crown (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS).

Additionally, in the Japanese edition of the Times Higher Education ranking (THE) for 2023, the university has been ranked No. 1 in theTokai-Hokuriku region for three consecutive years for internationality and No. 15 in Japan.

The NUCB Business School (Graduate School of Management) has secured the top spot in Japan for five years in a row (2022) in the world QS ranking.