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Journey to Tradition and Sustainability: NUCB's International Training Program with CUHK & NCYU

NUCB, in partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and National Chiayi University (NCYU) of Taiwan, curated a remarkable international training program from May 16 to 18, 2023. The program aimed to offer students a unique opportunity to delve into traditional Japanese culture while delving into the concept of a sustainable society.

With participation from 16 students from CUHK, 13 from NCYU, and 7 from TUFS, the program consisted of captivating workshops and seminars centered around traditional Japanese culture and sustainability. The journey commenced with a case method class at NUCB, laying the groundwork for subsequent activities. Participants then embarked on visits to renowned destinations, such as Ricoh Elemex Corporation in Ena City, actively contributing to an SDGs project. They also explored the Matcha Museum in Nishio City and visited a Hatcho Miso factory in Okazaki City.

Through engaging hands-on experiences, students acquired valuable insights into traditional Japanese culture, witnessed the dedication of companies working towards sustainable development goals (SDGs), and broadened their international perspectives. This international training program served as a catalyst for cross-cultural learning, creating a platform to comprehend the significance of traditional culture and sustainability within a global context.

Day 1: Case method class by Prof. Goi Hoe Chin

Before embarking on the international training program, students from each participating school engaged in distance learning sessions focusing on corporate social responsibility and sustainable business models.

During the first day at NUCB's Nisshin Campus, Prof. Goi led an engaging case methodology session at the ALC. Students delved into discussions on the development and expansion of mymizu,  a Japanese startup company, as it embarked on its initial business operations within Japan. Additionally, students explored strategies for market expansion, considering an approach distinct from Ricoh, a renowned company with an established SDG model, which was scheduled for a visit on the following day.

The pre-training sessions equipped students with the necessary knowledge and analytical skills to tackle real-world challenges in corporate sustainability. By examining different business models and approaches, participants were prepared to make meaningful contributions during the international training program, fostering a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices in diverse contexts.

Day 2: Fieldwork at Ricoh Elemex Corporation

On the second day of the program, students embarked on an insightful visit to Ricoh Elemex Corporation. Known for its dedication to global environmental conservation, next-generation development, and community engagement, the company showcased its remarkable initiatives. A staff member delivered an engaging lecture, shedding light on the forest conservation activities initiated in Ena back in 2011. Students also learned about the "Ricoh Ena-no-Mori Nakayama-michi Satoyama Council," which fosters the sharing of forest resources with the local community. To witness these efforts firsthand, the students embarked on a captivating forest walk, experiencing the actual conservation practices.

In the afternoon, the group visited the picturesque Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Iwamura-cho. This historical castle town offered a glimpse into Japan's rich cultural heritage, providing the students with an opportunity to appreciate the captivating scenery.

Day 2 of the program proved to be an enriching exploration of environmental conservation and cultural preservation, allowing students to gain deeper insights into sustainable practices and the beauty of Japan's architectural heritage.

Day 3: Experiencing Japanese culture

On the final day of the program, the group embarked on captivating visits to Kakushu Hatcho Miso Co., Ltd. and the Matcha Museum Saijoen. These destinations provided an opportunity to witness the meticulous manufacturing processes behind Japanese specialty products.

At Kakushu Hatcho Miso Co., Ltd., students observed firsthand the intricate methods involved in producing Hatcho Miso, a renowned Japanese condiment. They gained insights into the traditional techniques and dedication that go into crafting this specialty product.

Next, at the Matcha Museum Saijoen, the group immersed themselves in traditional Japanese culture. They actively participated in the process of grinding matcha powder, experiencing the ancient art form firsthand. To complete the experience, they savored the delicate flavors of matcha in a serene tea ceremony room, further deepening their understanding and appreciation of traditional Japanese culture.

Day 3 offered an unforgettable blend of sensory exploration and cultural immersion, allowing students to witness the craftsmanship behind Japanese specialty products and engage in the elegance of traditional tea ceremony rituals.