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Joint Research by Dr. Sasanuma and Dr.Han Secures Amano Institute Research Grant

Joint Research Project by Dr. Katsonubu Sasanuma and Dr. Sangheon Han of has been selected for Amano Institute's Research Grant Program.

Research Outline

"Developing a Markov Chain Partitioning Algorithm for Efficient Analysis of Social Network Systems"

This research focuses on developing a computational algorithm that enables efficient analysis of large-scale Markov chain systems through partitioning. The main objective is to analyze real-world social network systems, examining how information changes and spreads within these networks. The outcomes of this research hold relevance to the efficient computation of Markov chain systems, a technique widely employed in search engines such as Google and various other applications.

By establishing efficient analysis methods through this research, the anticipated results are expected to contribute significantly to the real world as a technology supporting AI and IT society.


Katsunobu Sasanuma (Left), Sangheon Han (Right)

Katsunobu Sasanuma, Professor, Faculty of Management

Dr. Sasanuma  holds a Visiting Associate Professor position at the Research Center for Policy Design at the Graduate School of Economics and Management at Tohoku University. Prior to joining the faculty at NUCB, Dr. Sasanuma was an Assistant Professor at College of Business at Stony Brook University, State University of New York.

His research areas include probability theory, stochastic processes, queueing theory, queueing network, and inventory management. His doctoral thesis, Congestion-Based Control Policy for Service Systems, explores a new Markov chain decomposition technique to analyze service systems, and was given the 2016 William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award at Carnegie Mellon University. He is particularly interested in finding simple laws of physics in complex real-world systems and applying the findings to improve the operations of such systems.  

Sangheon Han, Director, Faculty of Management

Dr. Sangheon Han obtained his Ph.D. (Management) from Osaka University Graduate School. He is specialized in Management Science and conducts research on various scientific methods of decision making. His specialty is the matter of Portfolio Selection and optimization of the supply chain network by using Meta Heuristic Algorithms such as Genetic Algorithms.

Purpose of the Research Grant Program

This program is dedicated to enhancing the level of industrial technology in Japan. Its primary focus involves conducting surveys and research on various aspects of industrial technology, with the aim of providing grants and support in relevant areas. By fostering research initiatives and offering financial assistance, the program seeks to contribute to the overall advancement of industrial technology within the country.

About Amano Institute of Technology

Founded in 1961 by the late Shuichi Amano, the visionary founder of Amano Corporation, the Amano Research Institute is dedicated to the research and development of industrial technology. The institute operates with private funds and strives to promote the advancement of industrial technology through research grants and support for industrial education.

In addition to its core mission, the Amano Corporation engages in diverse business activities. These include research and development initiatives, research grants, and scholarship programs, all aimed at benefiting the public. Moreover, the corporation also conducts profit-making programs to disseminate practical technologies resulting from their research and development efforts. Through these multifaceted endeavors, the Amano Corporation strives to drive innovation, foster knowledge exchange, and make a positive impact on industrial progress.