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Health Management

Physical and mental health care is important for a fulfilling campus life.

Support for Student Life

In addition to conducting regular health checkups, we have a Health Center and a Student Counseling Room to manage the physical and mental health of students. Please contact the Student Affairs for further information.

Health Center (2nd floor of Central Administration Building)

NUCB’s Health Center is available for consultations and for recommendations of clinics and hospitals during office hours, it is located on the 2F of the Central Administration Building. Should you feel unwell on campus or during class, please inform the instructor and visit the Health Center. Please be reminded that the nurse is not entitled to provide any medicine and in case of illness or injury, you would have to consult a doctor at a hospital or clinic as soon as possible.
* For current students, please ensure to take the annual health check-up. Those who have not been examined may not be able to request various certificates.

On-Campus Counseling (Student Counseling Room)

As a student, you may face various problems (academic, personal, family, relationships, career paths, etc.), and you may have many questions, anxieties, or worries. In such cases, please use the on-campus counseling (student counseling room). For learning support, mental health, and counseling, the Health Center works together with Prof. Tsubakida who is a certified clinical psychologist, specializing in both clinical and educational psychology. Please contact him directly to make an appointment.
* Please check with the Health Center in advance, as the hours of counseling may change depending on the semester. However, depending on the student's situation special cases can be made.

Student Education and Research Accident Insurance System

All students of NUCB will be enrolled in Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research, in which insurance fees are paid by the university. Students will be compensated if any injuries occur during regular school hours (ex. lectures), extracurricular activities (ex. club activities), school events, or while commuting to the school. Please contact Student Affairs for further details regarding inquiries and insurance claims.