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Global BBA course: New Business Development

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New Business Development is a Year 4 Global BBA course taught by Prof. Hiroshi Uchikoga, Professor of NUCB Business School, aiming to prepare and lead the students to be ready for shaping strategies that answer basic questions of why, what and how - Why do we need to move on to a new business? What do we need to do? and How are we going to make it happen? What would you need in developing new businesses? What are the driving factors?

In the GBBA curriculum, Year 4 courses are organized in 3 different specialization streams (Digital Transformation, Sustainable Business, and Business Transformation), which are a series of area-specific courses that provide specialization in a particular field of study to prepare for the current business environment and the corresponding fields of work, while providing managerial & leadership perspectives.

New Business Development is set within the Business Transformation specialization stream that focuses on preparing students for an ever-changing business landscape where agility and resilience become of utmost importance, especially as highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, not only for survival but also for success. With industries and business models being disrupted at the advent of new opportunities, organizations and its leaders need the ability to adapt fast and to innovate in response to changing circumstances.

Through case discussions on companies like IDEO, 3M, Apple, Netflix, etc. based on topics such as mindfulness, disruptive innovation, business model, intrapreneurship, etc., this course enables the creation of knowledge about developing new businesses from an organizational, technological and strategic point of view, while searching into mindfulness and personal aspects which form the basis for developing new businesses. Students can expect to be armed with the knowledge of how to influence corporate culture, alter the way their organization responds to the challenges of New Business Development.

Prof. Hiroshi Uchikoga

Prof. Uchikoga completed a master’s program at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Keio University and joined Toshiba, where he was involved in designing the world's first laptop computer and contributed to the product planning division from 1988. While working at Toshiba, he earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. After leaving Toshiba in 1996, he served at Softbank as a manager in the investment division for two years.
He founded his own California-based companies; Knowledge Inc., Visionaire Corporation, and Veam Inc.
Professor Uchikoga started his academic career at NUCB Business School in 2020 and was appointed as a full-time professor.