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Admissions changes COVID-19

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We are aware that schools, language centers, and institutions are currently closed worldwide and this of course is proving to be a very difficult time for all,

In consideration of the latest situation with the Novel Coronavirus Infection, the method of submitting documents for 2021/2022 Undergraduate International Admissions is changed as below:

Please email us and indicate what admission stage you are applying for.

Send PDFs as a temporary replacement for your documents.

Please ask your recommender to email us directly with your recommendation letter as you must not have access to this information.

Depending on your high school's rules, you can also ask your school counselor to email us your transcripts and/or predicted grades from an official email account.

NUCB understands that the logistics of sending documents will be delayed due to the Novel Coronavirus Infection with extra security checks for international post and this will be taken into consideration for your application.

Understandably students are becoming very worried with regards to missing so much valuable time in preparation for their exams and the opportunity of actually sitting for exams and tests.

We would like to advise you that we will be applying flexibility with regards to deadlines and where possible, grades achieved should the need arise, due to the considerable disruption being caused.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions,