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Student Led Q&A December 13 & 16

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Come and meet our students!

We are offering you the chance to connect with our Global BBA students to find out more about why they chose us, life in Japan & Greater Nagoya, working part-time/internships, scholarships, Case Method, and more! After signing up we will share the Zoom link. We hope to see you there!

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Rob - Indonesia / Scotland (2nd Year)

As an IBDP student who enjoys more active methods of learning and a more participative environment, I chose NUCB because of its unique positioning as a business school: a Japan-based institution where I can learn Japanese, participate in active discussions, and experience something truly different. Outside of school, I have three part-time jobs, most recently a Social Media Manager.

Maho - Mexico (2nd Year)

My name is Maria (you can call me Maho), and I come from Mexico. I am fluent in Japanese (N2) and I also speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese. My hobbies include cooking, doing yoga, painting, and drawing. I currently have 2 part-time jobs and received the JASSO Honors Scholarship. My favorite thing about Japan is the traditional sweets and the language.

Gen - Philippines (2nd Year)

I am from the Philippines but I completed my A-Levels in Hong Kong. One thing I love about the location of NUCB is that it is in between Osaka and Tokyo. I love exploring new places and this has allowed me to really explore Japan! Come and find out more about the Ryugaku Circle I volunteer with!

Sunday December 13 4PM GMT + 9

Ryu - Japan (2nd Year)

I am a 2nd year student from Japan who has lived in Singapore and graduated from an international school in Tokyo. In 2020 I took up an internship in the hospitality industry and was selected to work for the Olympics in Japan.

Thomas - France (2nd Year)

I've been living in Japan since 2016 and my hobby is learning history. One of my favorite classes so far has been "Business Negotiation". I chose NUCB because they offer us easier access to the international scene after graduation compared to other universities in Japan.

Wednesday December 16 10AM GMT + 9

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