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Japan University Consortium (JUC) Student Voices Event

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The Japan University Consortium (JUC) is a group of 15 universities in Japan that have been offering specialized events and webinars during COVID-19 due to travel restrictions.

JUC Student Panelists

In March 2021, the JUC each selected a student representative to answer questions from those interested to learn more about studying in Japan. With over 800 signups there was plenty of interest from students, parents, and high school counselors worldwide.

Topics covered part-time work, internships, scholarships, life in Japan, making Japanese friends, campus life and more!

Hosted by ICU, Sakurako a 4th-year student from Japan did a great job in coordinating the event

Student panelists included Utama (Indonesia), Sakshi (India), Giulia (Brazil/Italy), Shihab (Egypt), Umar (Mozambique), Nicole (Philippines), Nimrah (Pakistan), and Taiga (Japan) showcasing the diverse range of students pursuing higher education in Japan.

Check out the recording below where you can find Rob (Indonesia/Scotland) a 2nd year Global BBA Student at NUCB talking about his experience, IB Scholarship, and adjusting to the culture in Japan.

View Student Voices Recording

Current JUC members include;

NUCB Undergraduate School University of Tsukuba Temple University, Japan Campus
Nagoya University Hiroshima University Ritsumeikan APU
Kyoto University of Advanced Science Ritsumeikan University Osaka University
Kyushu University Doshisha University Lakeland University Japan
Yamanashi Gakuin University iCLA Okayama University International Christian University

JUC Student Voices Event