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Myra, Singapore - Internship experience at Reckitt Benckiser - A Global Multinational Consumer Goods company

Myra, Year 4 GBBA student

We are joined by Myra, a Singaporean student who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2019. Before coming to NUCB, Myra had work experience in events and retail and during her time at NUCB she has been one of the most improved students on campus, putting in hard work and dedication for her future.

She describes herself as an introvert living in an extrovert industry who has a keen interest in Human Resources.

We caught up with her to hear about her current internship, how the case method and Global BBA courses have helped shape her, and what her plans are for the future.

How did you find the internship?

I found the internship through LinkedIn and applied via their website. I had to submit my resume and went through 2 rounds of interviews. This internship spans for 6 months (July to December).

What does the company do? What attracted you to them?

The company that I’m interning for is called Reckitt Benckiser, a Consumer Goods company that produces Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition products. Some of the companies well known brands include Dettol, Durex, Lysol, Strepsils, Veet, and many more.

The first thing that attracted me to the company was the Talent & Development position that they were hiring for. After doing more research on the company, another thing that attracted me to the job was the fact that it was a fast and growing consumer goods company which meant that I could expect a lot of learning opportunities and growth that were essential for my future career. It was also a global multinational company which meant that I could also expect a lot of professional connections with colleagues from all over the world.

What are your main tasks during the internship and/ or what do you want to learn?

The majority of my tasks relate to learning and development, so I am involved in multiple projects such as leadership development as well as culture and diversity. Recently, I was put onto a leadership development project where I was tasked to coordinate and facilitate workshops/programs for employees. One of my favorite projects in which I am involved in is the “Awesome Woman” project where I am tasked to coordinate workshops for female employees in the company to help them grow into senior leadership positions.

During my internship I really wanted to work on leadership skills and this specific position has been very helpful as I got to liaise and connect with high potential and existing leaders who have influenced and inspired me in many ways. On top of Talent and Development, I have also recently exposed myself to HR Operations where I am now involved in operational projects such as onboarding, offboarding, and payroll. My main project in this role has mainly been offboarding where I am involved in employee’s termination matters and come up with ways in which the company can improve in their offboarding process. Lastly, I am also tasked to analyze attrition rates of the company which has helped me improve my knowledge and skills in data analysis.

What have you learnt so far? Any challenges? How is working remote?

This internship has made me learn more about myself professionally and personally than any internship I’ve had. Since this is an extremely fast-paced industry, I have learnt the importance of being independent and taking my own initiative to learn and immerse myself in anything that I’m being tasked to do. I have also learnt the importance of having a good work ethic and ensuring that I uphold my best performance in the work that I do.

Has there been any professors or any cases that you have been able to adapt during the internship?

All my courses that related to human resources has helped me in my internship journey. I would say that all of professor Law's and professor Hui's classes were useful to me.

In fact, in one of my HR internships, I was tasked to research “Leadership in Crisis” and there was a particular course Professor Hui was teaching called “Organization & Leadership” – this was extremely helpful as I was able to reflect on his classes and make use of the knowledge I’ve gained to produce valuable insights in my research.

Has the case method benefited you in any way with your knowledge, critical thinking, social skills etc?

I believe the case method has benefited me especially in my current internship where speaking up and voicing my ideas and opinions are essential. It has built my confidence to interact with my colleagues and to articulate my thoughts well.

What do you want to do in the future?

I definitely want to pursue a career in Human Resources hence, having work experience in the HR department will be useful for me. I also believe that this internship will prepare me for the real working world due to how fast-paced and intense it has been.