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Myra, Singapore


Myra (Singapore) Tanjong Katong Secondary School Singapore

Why did you choose Japan to pursue your studies?

One of the reasons why I decided to choose Japan to pursue my studies was because of how unique Japan is in so many ways. In addition to gaining a new language, I was also interested in other aspects that Japan had to offer. As we all know, Japan is immensely rich in its culture and history. Despite how deeply embedded Japanese traditions are, the country also offers characteristics of modernism, and in no other country will I be able to experience such merging and contrasting elements. Its advanced technologies, well-known companies with international expansions, and excellent customer service just proves how Japanese culture is entrenched in the business industry too. Therefore, I knew Japan is the place where I want to pursue my business studies.

Why did you choose NUCB?

I chose NUCB because it was one of the only schools in Japan that offers a BBA program. It is also AACSB accredited which gave me a sense of comfort that NUCB was able to provide me with a world-class education.

What is one of your favorite classes and why?

I have a few classes which I enjoyed but one class that really stood out and taught me something useful and interesting was “Doing Business in Japan”. Learning how the working environment and culture is in Japan has given me a deeper insight of not only the business industry here but also its people and the country itself.

What in particular attracted you to the Global BBA Program?

One particular thing that attracted me to the Global BBA program was the diversity. Knowing that I was able to be amongst students not only from Japan but also from all over the world was something that caught my attention. If there was anything that I want to take back after my time in Japan, it is to be able to learn and gain perspectives from all walks of backgrounds so the fact that this program offers diversity was something that I was very fond of.

How do you prepare for case studies? Was it intimidating at first?

It was definitely intimidating at first because I have never gone through such a structure before but I got used to it and eventually enjoyed the format. The way I prepare for case studies is by reading the questions first to get to know what the case study is all about. Then I go on to read the whole case and pick out the keywords from both the questions and the text so it’s easier for me to answer the given questions. Sometimes the case studies don’t give enough information for me to understand so I would normally have to do my own research for me to have ample preparation.

Have you received any scholarships?

I have received the JASSO Honors scholarship in my first academic year and recently got the NUCB housing scholarship.

Tell us about your language ability before arriving and how that has developed on and off-campus.

I did not have any Japanese language ability before arriving. And although I still have a long way to go with my Japanese language skills, I now know the very basics of the language after having gone through the compulsory Japanese classes in school.

What work experience did you have before entering NUCB?

Before coming to NUCB, I have had work experiences in 2 companies. 6 months in an events & co-working startup ( and another 6 months in a retail company ( I was working in the finance department as an accounts assistant for both companies.

What has been a memorable moment so far here in Japan?

One of the most memorable moment so far would have to be my first time travelling around Japan with people I barely knew. Being able to experience the unfamiliarity with unfamiliar people and then eventually becoming one of the closest friends, was and will continue to be one of my most memorable moment so far.

What do you want to do in the future?

For a start, after I graduate, I would love to one day be part of a Japanese Company in Japan or back home in Singapore. Another side interest I have is in the hospitality and tourism industry so being part of a hotel is something I might like to explore and perhaps having my own little business on the side as well.