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Sagamine Festival 2021

#SUPER BEAVER #NUCB #Sagamine Festival

One of the most popular events of calendar year is the "Sagamine Festival", held at NUCB's Nisshin/Nagakute Campus.

In 2021, the 69th festival will take place, with the theme of "万里一空" - Mariichi Sora, which refers to the spirit of overcoming the toughest of challenges, whereby instead of giving up, look at the endless blue sky where endless opportunities await.

Schedule - October 16 (Sat)

10:30 Opening
10:35 Folksong Stage 
11:40 Pop Stage 
13:15 K-pop Dance Show 
13:40 Quiz
15:00 X-STEP Showcase 2021 Dance Show
15:40 Ending

Schedule - October 17 (Sun)

10:00 Opening
10:10 Folksong Stage 
11:20 Super Bingo World 
13:35 Ai Yoshikawa Talk Show
14:05 Pop Stage 
15:05 Ending

Schedule - October 17 (Sun) Evening

15:15 Light sound LIVE 
15:35 Opening
15:45 Miss NUCB Contest "Primary Judgment" 
16:15 X-STEP Showcase 2021 Dance Show
16:50 Miss NUCB Contest "Dress Examination"
17:05 Yuka Yoshida Talk Show
17:50 Miss NUCB Contest "Result Announcement" 
18:05 Music Strike (GAME)
19:00 Fireworks
19:15 Ending

Special Guests

SUPER BEAVER, a Japanese rock band will perform live at the Sagamine Festival on Saturday, October 16.

Ticket Sales

  • Date: October 16 (Sat.)
  • Performance: SUPER BEAVER
  • Time: Doors open 16:30 Concert begins 17:30
  • Price: (On-campus) 3,000 yen (Off-campus) 3,800 yen
  • Registration Period: 8/27 (Fri.) 11:00 - 9/10 (Fri.) 11:00

Other gusts include actresses Ai Yoshikiawa, and Ryoka Yoshida, please join us! Admission to the Festival is free of charge. For those interested to join us, please ensure to check your temperature before arrival and masks must be worn at all times.

Festival Guidelines (Japanese)