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70th Sagamine Festival - October 2022 Report

#Sagamine Festival

The 70th Sagamine Festival - one of the most popular events of the calendar year - was held over the past weekend and was a great success, attended by students, families, teachers, and our local community.

Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto gave a speech for the Opening Ceremony at the Active Learning Center (ALC) to congratulate everyone on their hard work to prepare for the festival. Following the speech, there was a grand performance from the NUCB Symphonic Ensemble.

At the main venue, food booths provided typical festival food such as fried chicken, noodles, ramen, and more. We were treated to a performance from a local yosakoi team (a unique style of dance), as well as a Live set from the Nagoya Guitar Girls Club, as well as dance performances by the K-POP Dance Circle and Street Dance Circle.

In addition, the Nagoya International High School (NIHS) and NUCB collaboration SDG's circle were in attendance

In addition, this year's NUCB Music Festival was held on a special stage outside the main venue, inviting live music bands and high school music clubs to perform. In the evening, the school festival LIVE "Novelbright" was held in the gymnasium.

Main Stage Project! Time Schedule

10:05Hydrangea Shoka & Orido Yuyuyo Koi Stage
10:25NUCB Pioneer Spirit Championship
12:00Sakurako Ohara Talk Show
13:50Pops Guitar Club MINI LIVE

The 32nd Post-Festival "Color Palette" Time Schedule

16:10Comedy Live (JP & La Parfait)
17:00Nagoya Guitar Girls Club LIVE
18:00GAME Project
19:00Fireworks & Laser Show

2nd day October 16 (Sun.) Event Information

NUCB Music Festival

Place Special "festival stage"
Date & Time: 10:00-16:00
Performers: NUCB Light Music Club, Nagoya International High School Light Music Club, VoLeR, Ray Works, Suzuki Shota, Regal at Sands, INC REASE, amis amants, Hagakure, Wisui velletta, mishca, Nagoya Guitar Girls Club

Haunted House


Place: Center for Integrated Language Education
Date: 12:30 - 16:30

Place: Center for Integrated Language Education
Date: 11:00-14:00


Place: Main venue, next to the archway
Day & Time: 10:00-16: 00
Animals: Hedgehogs, Barn owls, Crested cockatoos, Polish Ruffed Ears, and many other cute animals