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3rd Japanese Speech Contest

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On Wednesday, December 15, 2021, the Faculty of International Studies held the 3rd Japanese Language Speech Contest.

Six students whose native language is not Japanese, including international students on the Japanese track (正規留学生), and students on the Global BBA program (exchange and double degree), participated in the contest. Each student delivered a four-minute speech based on the theme they had set.

Ms. Blanchard, a double degree student from Neoma Business School, and Ms. Yee from Hong Kong Baptist University impressed Professor Isono with their speeches and were commended for taking on the challenge.

Presenter and Speech Title

Prize Name (Nationality/Region) Speech title
Grand Prize Alan (Brazil) Friend
Audience Award Shenda (Taiwan) Familiar Japanese language teachers
Jury Prize 2nd place Bin (China) My impression of the goodness of Japan
Jury Prize 3rd Place Hakkyo (China) My motivation for studying in Japan and my career path for the future
Judges' Special Prize Blanchard (France) The Courage to Take the First Step
Special Jury Prize Yee (Hong Kong) Travel with Me

Promoting cross-cultural understanding

The purpose of this contest is not only to provide an opportunity for international students to challenge their language skills in front of an audience, but also for Japanese students to become aware of internationalization on campus by listening to diverse voices.

Each year NUCB brings in approximately over 200 students from over 35 different nationalities. For the Japanese students who attended the contest, it was a valuable opportunity to experience the internationalization of our university.