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Ikebana, the Art of arranging flowers, is one of the three arts of refinement from Japanese traditional culture. Ikebana focuses on exhibiting a combination of nature and human sensitivity brought together.

For the third event on Campus, NUCB International students participated in an Ikebana workshop with instructor Kayoko Kondo and her assistant Eugene.
Like any other arts, Ikebana requires one to be aware of certain fundamental skills before proceeding to free creation.

Students started the workshop by learning about Ikebana's history and techniques based on Sogetsu Style, a non-conventional and international school of Ikebana following the motto “Anytime, anywhere, by anyone.”

Students learned how to bring out the inner qualities of the flowers to create their own compositions. Under the guidance of the teacher, they were encouraged to give life to the free expression of their creativity and present their first flower arrangement.