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Dance x New Encounters

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Did you know that Japan's first professional dance league " D.LEAGUE " was established this year?

D.LEAGUE was created to create an environment where anyone can enjoy dancing and to develop and promote Japanese street dance, discover professional street dancers, create new value in art, sports, and business, and build a new world centering on dancers.

Nowadays, dance videos are popular on social networking sites such as Instagram and TikTok. The NUCB Street Dance Circle and the K-POP Dance Circle are also popular circles in our university, and they give wonderful dance performances at the welcome party for new students held at the beginning of April.

Dance Lesson by Lecture of NUCB Street Dance Circle

With the start of a new academic year comes a new group of students, and in 2021, NUCB is actively supporting each club and club activity to take on a variety of challenges and lead a new campus life like never before.

One such activity is the "Dance Lesson" that started on Tuesday, April 13, where members of the NUCB Street Dance Circle serve as instructors and give weekly dance lectures so that even beginners can join.

NUCB will continue to plan a variety of events to support the challenges of students in the "new normal". It is great to see new connections being made on campus.