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Faculty Interview: Dr. Dan Qin


Dr. Qin, PhD Waseda University (Japan)

We are joined today by Dr. Dan Qin, Associate Professor at NUCB Business School.

He previously worked as a Research Associate at the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, and as an Associate Professor at Tohoku University. He received a Ph.D. in Economics from Waseda University.

He currently teaches Economic Strategy, Introduction to BBA, Introduction to Economics and Business Economics on the Global BBA Program.

Dr. Qin Profile

What attracted you to NUCB?

The active learning methodology in NUCB fits my pedagogical philosophy perfectly. The diverse background of faculty and students is also amazing.

What is your favorite thing to do/eat in Nagoya?

I like to visit numerous historical and cultural sites in Aichi prefecture. As for food, I strongly recommend Nagoya’s Chicken Wings (tebasaki in Japanese).

Can you tell us about your research projects you are currently working on?

My main field of research is behavioral economics, with the focus on consumer behavior modeling. Currently, I am working on bias and heuristics that can influence consumer behavior.

What do you look for in the interview process for prospective GBBA students? Do you have any tips for the students?

We evaluate prospective students by their potential of being successful in business endeavors. In the interview, you should relax and organize your answers in a clear and logical way.

We have students from many backgrounds, who have taken a range of curriculums. Do you think studying math at a high level is essential?

Most business decisions are quantitative. Consequently, mathematics is an essential tool in many business courses. Nevertheless, the mathematical requirements of business courses are moderate. In addition, the very first course in our Global BBA program will prepare all students with all essential mathematical tools. In this sense, not studying math to a high level in high school will not give students disadvantages in subsequent courses.

What do you want students to learn from your Introduction to BBA course?

This is a methodology course. The first part of this course is to introduce the case method and active learning through discussions. The second part is to introduce essential mathematical tools that will be useful in subsequent courses.

What skills are essential for a student to excel in the Global BBA Program?

Critical thinking, communication skills, and a team spirit are the most important skills for the Global BBA Program.

Why do you think Economics should be learnt in a business program?

Economics is a core component for literally all business curriculum. It can provide guidance to think strategically and make optimal business decisions.