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Entrance Ceremony 2023

#Entrance Ceremony

On April 1st, NUCB's Nisshin Campus held its entrance ceremony to welcome newly admitted students. This ceremony, a significant tradition in Japan, signifies the beginning of the academic year, and with cherry blossoms in full bloom, it symbolizes celebration and new beginnings. We hope that the students can start their journey at NUCB with enthusiasm and embrace their Frontier Spirit. As per our custom, we invited a special guest to address the attendees, and after a postponement three years ago due to the pandemic, we were thrilled that Dr. Dominique Turpin, Emeritus Professor of Marketing Strategy at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), could join us and deliver a wonderful speech. He encouraged the students to make the most of all the opportunities available at NUCB, to be curious, and most importantly, to have fun!

Congratulations on your enrollment!

During his ceremonial address, Chancellor Hiroyuki Kurimoto spoke about three themes: "The Mission of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business", "MBA Education", and "Unconventional Dreams". The foundation of education at NUCB is centered around the ability to take action and continue to persist in the face of challenges and failures. Dr. Kurimoto strongly emphasized the importance of adopting an attitude of persistent perseverance, where students should strive to challenge themselves repeatedly, regardless of how many obstacles they may encounter.

Learning in the best academic environment

During his congratulatory address, Dr. Dominique Turpin, Emeritus Professor of Marketing Strategy (IMD Switzerland & Singapore), offered five recommendations for maximizing the academic environment at NUCBs. As a board member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), Dr. Turpin had previously visited the university two years ago as the head of an international accreditation jury and highly praised it as one of the top business schools in Japan. To make the most of the learning environment, he emphasized the importance of five key elements: "open-mindedness," "curiosity about the world," "improving one's judgment," "empathy for others," and "having fun."

A home away from home

Namhaa, a first-year Global BBA student (IISJ: India International School in Japan, Tokyo), was chosen as the representative of international students and warmly welcomed the new students to NUCB, which she referred to as a home away from home. In her inspiring address, she encouraged the students to embrace the Frontier Spirit and pursue their dreams, emphasizing that they are capable of achieving more than they may realize and that they can rise to any challenge together. Namhaa highlighted the NUCB community's core strength in embracing diversity, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds in the spirit of academic freedom to reflect the realities of globalized business. She urged everyone to continue to respect diversity and strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

A colorful beginning to student life

Following the ceremony, senior students warmly greeted the incoming students outside the venue and introduced them to various club and circles at NUCB. These extracurricular activities are designed to enrich the student experience, and the new students eagerly listened to the presentations of the organizations that piqued their interest. The faculty and staff wholeheartedly wish for all the new students to have a rewarding and successful academic journey at NUCB.