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Namhaa, India


Namhaa (India), India International School Japan

Namhaa joined the Global BBA Program in 2022 after taking her CBSE's at Indian International School Japan (IISJ) in Tokyo. She was born in Rajasthan India, but spent most of her life in Japan. She is passionate about debates and public speaking. We caught up with her to hear why she chose the Global BBA Program.

Why did you choose NUCB?

NUCB and the Case Method on the Global BBA Program provide me the perfect blend for my interests - commerce subjects and debating. In high school, being outspoken or conveying your view and reflections was not highly encouraged. Stepping into a classroom at NUCB is challenging every day. Here, you and your uniqueness are encouraged positively. Professors and peers have the desire to hear you out with respect and curiosity, which I find captivating.

Are you thinking of an exchange program or double degree?

I do intend to pursue a double degree in France. Another reason I preferred NUCB was because of the two years in Japan and two years abroad option, providing me with the international exposure I wanted. It is the best of both worlds as I wanted to learn about Japanese work culture alongside other work cultures, which I will experience during the Summer Exchange Programs and Double Degree.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

My favorite facility on campus has to be the Book Café. I spend almost 5 hours daily after classes at the book cafe, finishing my assignments and projects. It's the kind of place where you feel relaxed yet motivated to study by the books around you.

Do you have any advice for those considering to apply to NUCB?

Those wishing to apply here should know that NUCB is an open space for every individual to express themselves clearly and competently without the anxiety of judgment.