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COVID-19 Vaccinations at NUCB


The Kurimoto Educational Institution (学校法人栗本学園, Gakkō hōjin kurimoto gakuen), abbreviated as KEI (Head Office: Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture) will implement vaccinations at the Nisshin campus in response to the government's recommendation for vaccinations in the workplace.

To protect the health of our students, faculty and staff, and from the perspective of the effects of herd immunity on society, we are recommending vaccination against COVID-19 in accordance with the government policy.

In response to social demands for the prevention of COVID-19, we will contribute to reducing the burden of vaccination on the national and local governments.

Overview of COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccine Moderna (USA)
Vaccination Schedule 1 August 1 (Sunday)・ August 29 (Sunday)
Vaccination Schedule 2 August 4 (Wednesday)・ September 1 (Wednesday)
Vaccination Site NUCB Undergraduate School, Nisshin Campus
Eligibility Students, faculty and staff members of the school and their families
Cost Free