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Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students of 2023

NUCB provides a diverse range of scholarships to assist and support dedicated students financially. These scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and achieved notable academic results.

The scholarship opportunities are open to all students, including international students. Recipients are selected based on their exemplary attitude and performance in their studies, as well as their ability to serve as positive role models for others. Consideration is also given to students who actively participate in extracurricular activities, showcasing their well-rounded abilities both academically and personally.

The scholarships granted at NUCB are intended to support students in their future studies and personal growth. The funds awarded aim to alleviate financial burdens and provide students with the means to further excel in their academic pursuits.

Our university is committed to recognizing and supporting deserving students who exhibit dedication, achievement, and a positive impact on the university community. Through these scholarships, NUCB encourages and empowers students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential.

First Semester Scholarship Recognition Ceremony

The ceremony took place on Monday, June 12, 2023, at the Nisshin Campus to acknowledge the recipients of scholarships for the first semester of the 2023 academic year. The esteemed scholarship recipients for this semester included:

  • Founder's Scholarship (100,000 JPY per half year): 20
  • President's Scholarship (50,000 JPY per half year): 36
  • Alumni Association Scholarship (100,000 JPY per year): 12
  • Academically Outstanding Students (600,000 JPY per year): 2
  • Academically Outstanding Students (300,000 JPY per year): 8
  • Sports and Cultural Activities Scholarship (300,000 JPY per year): 2
  • IBDP Scholarship (300,000 JPY per year): 2
  • International Dormitory Scholarship: 201

When considering the scholarship recipients continuing from the previous year, the total number of recipients for the first semester of the 2023 academic year reached 443, surpassing the 413 recipients from the previous year's first semester.

This significant increase in the number of scholarship recipients highlights the university's commitment to supporting and recognizing outstanding students. These scholarships aim to alleviate financial burdens and foster an environment that encourages academic excellence and personal growth. The ceremony served as a platform to celebrate the achievements of these deserving students and inspire others to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Scholarships for students with outstanding academic performance

The Founder's Scholarship and the President's Scholarship provide scholarships to students who have achieved outstanding academic results in the previous semester (the second semester of the 2022 academic year). We are pleased to announce that we have awarded certificates to 20 Founder's Scholars and 36 President's Scholars for the second semester, for a total of 56 students. Six Global BBA students were selected among them (Rodrigo [Mexico], Mikhael [Indonesia], Hanah [Vietnam], Nathanael [Indonesia], Aamina [Sri Lanka], and Reza [Indonesia]. Congratulations!

Generous support for students from abroad

NUCB, the first university in Japan to receive three international accreditations (Triple Crown), accepts students from all over the world. Currently, the university has 251 international students from 37 countries studying, and we provide support to all our students through our international dormitory scholarships. NUCB is also the only school in Japan that offers a score-based IB Diploma scholarship.

In the first semester of the 2023 academic year, a total of 102 international students were accepted. Among them, 8 were recipients of the IB scholarship, 86 received the international dormitory scholarship, 2 were awarded the founder's scholarship, 5 received the president's scholarship, and 1 received the alumni association scholarship.

Scholarship recipients in the first semester of FY2023 [444 in total]

Scholarship Period Amount (JPY)
Founder 6 months 100,000 
President 6 months 50,000 
Alumni Association 1 year 100,000
Academically Outstanding Students per year 900,000 
per year 600,000 
per year 300,000
International Baccalaureate (IBDP) per year 300,000
International Dormitory per month 40,000
per month 35,000
per month 30,000
per month 10,000