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Information about AY2021

#AY2021 #Blended Learning

This page will be regularly updated to reflect the changes in how we will deliver courses.

The Academic Year of 2021 began with the continuation of our adaptation to the 'new normal' characterized by the current global affairs, implementing our Blended Learning Model​ with Live Virtual courses and On Campus courses​.

On Campus courses

Around 80% of the courses are held On Campus throughout the institution.

By thoroughly following the necessary preventive measures, with mandatory face masks, hand disinfection, social distancing, ample ventilation and thorough temperature checks, we will strive to keep a safe learning environment on campus.

Live Virtual courses

The other 20% of courses will be delivered in a live virtual format, for classes with large number of students (which would not make social distancing feasible) and in consideration of students who are currently unable to enter Japan due to the entry restrictions set by the Government of Japan.

We have been successfully delivering live virtual courses since the beginning of AY2020, and we have been constantly improving the whole learning experience with feedback from students, striving to make it immersive and engaging as possible.

Global BBA

With the entry restrictions that have been set by the Government of Japan from late 2020 due to the emergence of the new variants of COVID-19, incoming students are, unfortunately, unable to enter the country at the time being. As a result, our Spring semester is implemented as follows:

  • Year 1 courses are delivered virtually;
  • Blended model with both virtual and on-campus courses.

The current delivery format can be consulted here along with the syllabus of each course.

Current students will have access to all the latest updates on their Campus Information Board and new information will be regularly delivered through email.

Benefits of Case Method for Live Virtual Learning

As there is typically one lesson per day and each lesson is conducted within 200 minutes, current students have commented that compared to lecture-style classes, they do not feel overwhelmed from being online for long periods. Also, due to the interactive nature of the Case Method, students are more involved in the classes and feel more connected to their classmates.

Arrival in Japan

The Government of Japan announced at the end of December 2020 a temporary border closure and suspension of visa validity in response to the new variants of the coronavirus.

Prior to border closure, In October 2020, the Government of Japan allowed students holding a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) to apply for a visa and enter the country after following their quarantine requirements under the “Residence Track”. You can find information from our student experiences below.

Should the Government of Japan remove the entry restrictions and allow students to enter Japan, we expect similar rules to be put in place with regards to quarantine. As of May 2021, we are still awaiting updates from the Government as to when the border will re-open and what rules will be in place. We are planning to be on campus for Fall 2021, but should there be a certain number of students who cannot enter Japan, we will make sure everyone has an equal opportunity to learn.

Campus Life

Student and campus life is defined not only by the academic experience and learning but also through the pursuit of passions and exploration outside the classroom.

Empowering the student life, the school provides many opportunities for students to interact on campus with preventive measures in place, through various clubs and circles, the English Café, Language Exchange Programs​, and Cultural Enrichment Activities. Through the latter, we provide international students with an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and business environment with field trips to historical locations and companies.