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Recognition Ceremony for Outstanding Students of 2022

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On May 25th 2022, a special ceremony was held at the Nisshin Campus to recognize the Founder's Scholarship and the President's Scholarship for the first semester of 2022.

NUCB Undergraduate School offers a wide range of unique scholarships to provide financial support to academically outstanding students

Scholarships based on academic achievement

These scholarships are nationality blind, with both international students on our English and Japanese tracks receiving them.

In total, 43 students were awarded a scholarship (Founder Scholarship: 20, President Scholarship: 23) as they demonstrated exemplary attitudes and achievements in their daily studies.

We hope that these scholarships will be useful for their future studies and personal growth, and we look forward to their further success.

Type Scholarship
Founder's Scholarship 100,000 yen per half year
President's Scholarship 50,000 yen per half year

Global BBA student interviews

We interviewed three Global BBA students Kristen (Founder's Scholarship), Rodrigo and Aamina (President's Scholarship) to hear their advice for achieving exceptional grades as a student at NUCB.

Rodrigo, Mexico

I have invested myself in the lessons and I let my personal curiosity explore the topic together with my peers. So far, my favorite classes have been Introduction to Accounting, Introduction to Finance and Operations Management with Professors Frendy, May May and Sandy Wong respectively. Introduction to Finance felt lively and broad, with lots of examples and group activities that helped us learn from each other. It also puts into perspective the many parts of the finances of companies around-the-world.

Aamina, Sri Lanka

With most of the courses class participation constitutes up to 40-50% of our grade so I always read the case and make sure I understand the content. This helps me with writing the reports as well as taking part in the class discussions. My favorite class is Business Law, which is taught by Anthony Townley. Although I had a basic understanding about Business Law it was interesting to learn about the subject in more detail, especially how intricate the law could be. I found every class engaging and fun and the professor made a fun environment for all of us that we felt comfortable to share our thoughts or ask any questions that we had.

Kristen, Vietnam

I have to say I really like NUCB’s teaching methodology. Honestly, I didn’t think the case method would fit me so well at first. One of my favorite Professors is Eddie Law. I like the way he teaches us, especially how he brings the realistic aspects of life and turns them into lessons for us. To be able to get this scholarship, I would say time management is important. When working on my reports, I often focus on only 3 or 4 main points and deeply analyze them instead of bringing too many ideas, thus, I can control the quality of my report to get good grades.