The Most Dynamic Region of Japan

Greater Nagoya is Japan's third largest metropolitan area after Tokyo and Osaka. Home to front-running companies such as Toyota, Greater Nagoya is clean, safe, and an exciting area to live in.

Located in central Japan, Greater Nagoya functions as the transportation hub of the country making travel to other destinations fast and easy. Moreover, because the area was once the home of warlords in Japan’s ancient times, it is rich in historical sites and Japanese traditional culture, attracting many tourists.

A World Heritage site, Shirakawa-go, is within easy reach, and the city of Kyoto is located only 35 minutes away by Shinkansen. As such, Greater Nagoya is a place where a well-balanced synergy between modern and traditional cultures exist.

Access Map in Nagoya

NUCB Student Dormitories

We have dormitories available near our campus to those selected at the time of acceptance.

Chiyoda Dormitory

Fully furnished, single-occupancy rooms create a comfortable living environment. Located in downtown Nagoya, the Chiyoda Dormitory has a convenient 24/7 independent access and is a 3 minutes walk to the nearest station.

Meito Dormitory

Single room, fully furnished including electric appliances. Built in 2013, in the eastern part of Nagoya, both regular Japanese undergraduate students and exchange students live in this dormitory.

Sanbongi Dormitory

Sanbongi dormitory is conveniently located 2km from NUCB Nisshin Campus. The dormitory is also used by Japanese students and primarily limited to females. (82 rooms / 5 stories)

Single room fully furnished including appliances, located approximately 3km away from the nearest station (Komenoki) which is a 10-minute bus to school.



Sanbongi Campus Dormitory

Sanbongi Campus is located nearest to NUCB Nisshin campus within walking/cycling distance (2km).

This dormitory is newly renovated and its use is limited to male students. (101 rooms / 6 stories)

Single room, fully furnished including appliances (only washing machines and dryers are shared). It is located approximately 3km from a supermarket and the nearest station (Komenoki) which is a 10-minute bus to school.

Sanbongi Campus

Sagamine Mansion (1~3)

Sagamine is located about 0.1km closer to NUCB Nisshin Campus than Sanbongi. Single room, fully furnished including appliances, only the washing machines are shared. (1st: 24 rooms / 3 stories, 2: 29 rooms / 5 stories, 3rd: 24 rooms / 4 stories)



Affiliated Dormitories

For those that were unsuccessful in their dormitory application, there is a partnering apartment where you can contract directly with the landlord.