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Vithal, India


Vithal (India) St. Mary's International School Japan

Why did you choose NUCB?

NUCB has a really strong international exchange network and I'm an ambitious traveler who wants to explore new cultures! What's interesting about NUCB is that you have the opportunity to listen to different ideas from different cultures over the same topic. This allows you to truly become a global leader as your knowledge is diversified. There will be so many conflicting ideas during the active learning session that will allow you to understand each other's perspectives of how they perceive that issue.

Are you part of any clubs or circles?

Currently, I'm in the Tea Ceremony circle at NUCB where I volunteer as a translator and help foreign students to enjoy the activity without any language barriers.

How did the IB help prepare you for Active Learning and Case Method at NUCB?

The International Baccalaureate helped me prepare diligently for college life. So when I came to NUCB I was conditioned to write college-style essays and have meaningful dialogue on issues in the classroom.

Are you taking any extra languages at NUCB?

I wanted to learn Mandarin during my time in NUCB, and I got the opportunity by doing a language exchange program where I teach English and my partner teaches me Mandarin. So far, it has been quite tough, but I'm glad that I am getting these opportunities!

What did you do during your vacation?

I recently did a Graduate Diamonds course in the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where I developed hands-on experience with the GIA International Diamond Grading System, learned how to detect lab-grown diamonds, treatments, and stimulants, and trained my eye to recognize when advance testing is required.

I also learned how to drive and got a driving license and voluntarily worked in a company after I got my diploma from GIA. I also tried to learn how to read and write Hindi as I never had the opportunity to learn it until now.

What have you been doing outside of the classroom?

We have connected with people from other NUCB campuses and also attended many events during Halloween and Christmas, which enabled us to connect with lots of amazing people out there!

We also go on trips outside Nagoya, where recently we went to Kofu Showa mainly for Mt. Fuji and Natural Hot Springs.

I and some exchange students went to Ena City and participated in a homestay for the first time. It was one of the most memorable experiences that I would never forget. From an elementary student girl making delicious Yakitoris to gazing at one of the most beautiful skies and natural sceneries in Japan.

Also, me and some of my friends also went to Naba no Sato at night. You can enjoy one of the most beautiful illuminations near Nagashima Spa land. I personally felt like I was in heaven as your feet are submerged in warm water while you listen to beautiful and peaceful melodies and enjoy the illuminating sceneries.