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Tharushi, Sri Lanka

#Sri Lanka

Why did you choose Japan to further your studies?

Tharushi (Sri Lanka) Mahamaya Girls’ College Kandy Sri Lanka

It has always been my dream to study in a different country.

As a child, I had a special interest in learning new languages. I have studied Sinhalese, English, Tamil, Korean and Japanese languages so far. When I found that I had the opportunity to visit Japan, I continued to study Japanese at my high school under the guidance of my language teachers.

Why did you choose NUCB?

Even though I liked learning new languages, I was not 100% sure of my Japanese language skills. Hence, I had to search for a university that provided international students with a chance to study in Japan in a global environment. NUCB topped my list with the opportunity to study using the case method in the Global BBA program which is taught entirely in English. At the same time, I can study Japanese which is perfect for me.

What has been your favorite course so far on the Global BBA Program?

My favorite course so far has been Human Resource Management taught by Prof. Ray Hui from Hong Kong because my ambition is to be an entrepreneur one day and management skills will play an important part in that case.

What is a typical weekly schedule for you?

For Spring 2021, I am taking one class per day, Monday to Friday. All the classes are in the afternoon from 13:20~17:20. Currently, I am also a coordinator of the English Cafè. Apart from university classes and club activities, I also work part-time 4 days a week at a coffee shop.

Can you tell us more about your part-time work?

I am currently working at a coffee shop as a kitchen staff 4 days a week. Because Sri Lanka doesn’t have the chance of doing a part-time job, I think this is a great opportunity for me. Apart from getting the experience, I also wanted to pay towards my living expenses and support my father who is giving me financial support. My hourly salary is 930 JPY. Every month I earn about 56,000 JPY which covers my rent and bills and some groceries. I work 5- 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays but on weekdays just a few hours to balance with my studies.

What club activities have you joined?

I am a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), I believe the activities at the SRC are a good opportunity to improve my soft skills. Since joining the SRC I have also met many Japanese friends and it is great to communicate in both English and Japanese with them.