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Hisham, Pakistan


We are joined today by Hisham, an international student who joined the Global BBA Program in 2019.

Hisham came to NUCB after completing his IBDP and has since gone on to be an integral part of our community here, playing an important role as a mentor to new students and working tirelessly to integrate with our Japanese students on campus through various sports clubs.

Hisham has also taken on his learnings into practice starting his own business. We ask him what kind of student excels in the Case Method at NUCB and what some of his favorite classes are so far.

Hisham (Pakistan) Nagoya International School Japan

What attracted you to NUCB?

My father has been living in Japan for a long time and we were planning on settling in the country. When I found out about the Global BBA program being offered at NUCB, I was impressed with the diverse nationalities of students that would be in the classroom and the chance to learn from different perspectives.

I was very interested in attending classes that related to psychological studies such as Creative Thinking, Logical Thinking, etc. and the curriculum offers a much more wide variety of courses.

What would you say is an ideal student for the Global BBA Program? What kind of student excels for the Case Method?

The teaching method provided by NUCB is very unique and cannot be implemented in any university.

There are some skills that are required from students to be successful in this program before joining the program such as communication skills, management skills, the balance between their education and personal life, having the confidence to speak out in front of a crowd, and the quality of a Frontier Spirit.

Since you came from an IB School, what skills did you learn and do you think that made the transition to university easier for you?

Coming from an international IB school in Japan, I have managed to gain the skills of writing concise reports and managing my timings accordingly. I also gained confidence speaking in front of a crowd and improved my communication skills by interacting with students from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Club life is an important part of the university experience, what clubs have you joined and how have they developed your skills?

I love playing sports and so joining a sports club has allowed me to keep a balance between my studies and my personal life. Not just that, joining a club gave me a chance to interact with local Japanese students, learn more about Japanese culture, and make some great local friends.

There are a lot of clubs provided by NUCB and they are all very fun to join. So far I have joined the Handball club and the Futsal circle.

You have recently started your own business, can you tell us more?

One of my goals is to run my own business and grow internationally. It is very competitive nowadays for an automotive dealership to expand internationally but I was always optimistic with my ideas. I always thought of how to distinguish myself from other companies and after attending a few classes, I finally came up with an idea that I knew would allow me to reach the top. All I had to do was keep on moving forward.

Can you correlate any learnings from NUCB, and any classes/professors in particular and how you have implemented that to your current company?

There were many classes that I have had during my program that allowed me to learn a lot of new things about my business.

Few examples could be Professor Goi’s class on Design Thinking and Business Model Design.

These two courses made me realize how I should create the core of my business and how to target and retain customers. I used the knowledge learned from the courses in my business to achieve what I wanted the most out of my business.

Another example is Professor Hakeem’s classes on International Business.

Although I have not implemented it right now, I have already started to take notes on how I should expand my business in the long run to make sure I avoid making mistakes that other small start-ups tend to do.

Check out Hisham's business venture JPN International: Their diverse team can speak more than six different languages. They are also doing great CSR work with the objective to help people in Pakistan who are struggling to have access to a water supply. Best of luck with your endeavors Hisham, keep carrying your Frontier Spirit!

Check out JPN International