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Sirapark, Thailand


Sirapark, Ruamrudee International School Bangkok

Today we are joined by Sirapark(Park), a Thai national who joined the Global BBA program in Fall 2021 from Ruamrudee International School Bangkok.

Why did you choose NUCB for your studies?

I heard about NUCB through my college counsellor back in high school since I was looking to study in Japan. The deciding factor for why I picked NUCB instead of my other options was for the diverse international group in the Global BBA, and the opportunity to interact with Japanese students on campus.

What do you think of the Case Study Method?

I’ve read and analyzed case studies in high school, but it was the first time I heard about an entire curriculum built around case studies. The Case Study Method makes the discussions in the class feel much more practical instead of theoretical, which is right up my alley.

Have you joined any clubs or language exchange on campus?

I’ve done a language exchange in both semesters, and it’s been quite fruitful for me as I have interacted with a larger part of the NUCB community thanks to the program. I am also participating in NUCB Guitar Club, and I’ve been enjoying myself there and participating in some of the events they organize.

What are your plans for the future?

At first I didn’t think much about doing an exchange program, but I think I’d be missing out if I didn’t try. I’m looking forward to doing my exchange semester in Monash University, as that was one of the other options I considered during my college application process.