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Anand, India


Anand (India), CMI Public School

Anand joined the Global BBA Program in 2022 after taking his CBSE's at CMI Public School in India. He first became aware of NUCB after joining a webinar conducted by The University of Tokyo India office (Study in Japan Global Network Project Regional Office in Southwest Asia). He has been awarded the NUCB International Dormitory Scholarship for the Meito Dormitory. We caught up with him to hear about his student life so far.

Why did you choose NUCB?

As a kid, I always wanted to come to this country. The people's hardworking nature, work culture, and punctuality always intrigued me. After watching a presentation about NUCB from The University of Tokyo India Office, I was instantly sold as I have been attracted to the case study method for a very long time. In High School, the CBSE board questions always included case study questions and I found it exciting to find possible solutions with my friends.

What have been your favorite classes so far?

I love Professor Ricardo Lim,  he always starts the class on a positive note, and is willing to help the students anytime. Statistics used to be one of the most complex subjects in high school, but he makes it easy to understand. My favorite case so far was the case about the Rwandan Genocide in International Relations, taught by Professor Maekawa. The topic was fascinating, and I could participate a lot in that case discussion.

Do you have any advice for those considering to apply to NUCB?

The diversity NUCB has to offer is one of the things that surprised me the most. There are students and professors from almost all countries across the world. I can proudly say that I will have friends worldwide when I return to my home country! For those who are considering NUCB, they must know that participation in classes are a crucial element in their school life.