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Vladim-Argan, France


Vladim-Argan (France), TBS Education

NUCB has exclusive Double Degree agreements with schools in France, Taiwan, and Ireland, allowing students to complete their degree in another country gaining two graduation diplomas.

We met Vladim-Argan, a French student from Toulouse in his 4th and final year at NUCB to ask him about campus life. He describes himself as someone who is a serial traveler who is passionate about cinema and foreign cultures, with the objective of becoming a movie producer in the near future.

Why did you want to do a Double Degree in Japan?

My home university TBS Education(Toulouse Business School) offers double degrees with several universities around the world, and I jumped on the opportunity to go abroad.

Why Japan? As strange as it may seem, it’s because I have never had a lot of interest for Japanese culture that I decided to live 2-years on the other side of the world, in a country with a completely different way of life and state of mind, where I had everything to discover.

It’s a way to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and discover a true cultural heritage. After a year here, I am really loving my life!

How will the case method help you for your future?

The Case Study Method is an interesting way to train your critical and analytical thinking by building arguments that consider both the benefits and flaws in any kind of business situation from a family business to worldwide diplomatic crisis or a multinational company.

It’s the duty of a leader to be able to express their opinion on any matter, explain the necessity of an action to be taken and be clearly understood while keeping an open mind and considering several scenarios.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

Definitely the training plaza and the Book Cafe, we are lucky to have a nice gym to exercise after the classes. At NUCB you can train both your brain and your muscles at the same place, on the same day! After that you can admire a beautiful sunset over the campus, comfortably installed on a sofa while doing your homework… As we say in French: “Que demander de plus !?”

Are you part of any clubs or language exchange? Tell us about your experience.

As soon as I arrived, I joined NUCB’s basketball club. It was a real challenge at the beginning as it was the first time I was playing in a club but the kindness of Japanese students transformed it into an amazing experience during the busy season of matches!

In parallel I had the opportunity to join the language exchange program with a Japanese student. She came to visit me in France and I had the opportunity to take her on a trip around my region to taste our specialties!

A few months later, we were reunited in Japan and took several trips around Gifu where we even took classes of traditional Japanese pottery together and attended a tea ceremony! Best experiences so far!

What do you think of the diversity of NUCB - students and professors?

NUCB literally embodies “diversity”! The number of nationalities present on the campus is incredible! I was amazed to meet so many ambitious people driven by so many different goals.

It’s a great opportunity to learn about new cultures, especially during class time through group and class discussions when you get to have insights of every individual about their country and witness how points of view are diverging according to it, making the class even more interesting. Moreover, all these encounters are contacts, building your network for future trips and professional opportunities.