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Azaan, Pakistan


Azaan (Pakistan) Learning Alliance International School

We sat down with Azaan who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2023 from Learning Alliance International School. Azaan achieved an impressive 39/45 score in the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which earned him a 300,000 JPY annual tuition reduction scholarship from NUCB as well as the NUCB Dormitory Rent Scholarship of 120,000 JPY per year at Sanbongi Campus.

He talks about his motivations for choosing Japan, his reflections on the Case Study Method, and his aspirations for a future shaped by cross-cultural competencies and global insights.

Why did you decide to study in Japan and at NUCB?

Japan's technological excellence and cutting-edge innovations across various domains of knowledge have always captivated me. Additionally, the allure of Japan's historical monuments and world-class etiquette has strongly resonated with me. With my dad's experience of working and studying in Japan, the synergy with NUCB Undergraduate School felt a good fit. Studying in Japan and at NUCB promises to equip me with the skills and expertise necessary for my future business ventures in Japan. NUCB provides the perfect foundation for my upcoming journey, where diverse views flourish, and respect and reflection are at the core.

What is your impression of the Case Study Method?

As a former International Baccalaureate (IB) student, I found myself well-prepared for the Case Study Method of learning. This approach has not only enriched my time-management and critical-thinking skills but has also exposed me to a spectrum of perspectives and experiences from students around the world. I've come to appreciate the intricacies and subtleties of various situations, cultivating a more open-minded and adaptable mindset. Through collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds, I've further honed my communication and leadership abilities, fostering effective teamwork across cultures.

How will the NUCB help you for your future?

The case method fosters active engagement while enhancing linguistic and communicative competencies. Exposure to diverse perspectives equips students with the ability to think on their feet—an invaluable trait in the business world. I am eagerly looking forward to participating in the overseas exchange program with one of NUCB's partner schools, where I can gain insights from varied cultural and ethical norms in business practices.

My experience with the case method has cultivated a flexible and adaptable mindset towards challenging scenarios, a quality that will undoubtedly serve me well in future professional negotiations. Furthermore, the wide range of cases and courses has equipped me with the expertise needed to navigate various business domains proficiently. From analyzing legal intricacies to strategizing negotiations and contemplating business environmental ethics, this comprehensive preparation has empowered me to stay attuned to the dynamic shifts in the business landscape.