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Sameer, Pakistan


Sameer (Pakistan) St. Patrick's School, Singapore, Ōhara Japanese Language School, Japan

We are joined today by Sameer (Sam), who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2023 after studying at Ohara Japanese Language School in Tokyo. Sam's unique background includes being born in Pakistan but growing up in Singapore. He has a passion for sports, relishes good food, and cherishes his sleep.

Currently, Sam manages a part-time job at the Convenience Store off-campus while describing his NUCB student life as consistently enjoyable, with never a dull moment.

Why did you decide to study in Japan and at NUCB?

The catalyst for my interest in Japan was my father's business connections with Japanese clients. Through these interactions, I had the privilege of engaging with various Japanese individuals who extended invitations to their homes, shared meals, and regaled me with stories about their culture and country. During my research into universities in Japan offering courses in English, I discovered NUCB. The university instantly caught my attention due to its unique teaching approach. The application process was seamless, and the professors who interviewed us were really friendly.

What sets NUCB apart in your opinion?

What sets NUCB apart is its unswerving dedication to promoting diversity. The university's innovative concept facilitates interaction among individuals from diverse backgrounds right on campus, allowing us to immerse ourselves in different cultures and business practices within the comfort of our academic environment.

What has been your favorite class so far and why?

Among my classes, "Introduction to Economics" by Professor Dan Qin and "Law and Environment" by Professor Anthony Townley stand out as my favorites.  Both of these professors consistently deliver captivating lessons that keep me engaged and eager to learn. As a student who had not previously encountered the case study approach, I've come to appreciate its inherent value. Delving into real-world scenarios has enabled me to dissect complex situations and view them from various angles. This method encourages a diverse range of opinions among us students, which not only enhances the level of discourse but also enriches the overall learning experience.