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Areeba, Pakistan


Areeba (Pakistan) Punjab Colleges (Punjab College for Women)

We had the pleasure of connecting with Areeba, a vibrant addition to the Global BBA Program's Spring 2023 cohort. While hailing from Pakistan, Areeba has spent the past three years in Japan alongside her family. She's currently balancing her studies with part time work at a local convenience store—a journey that provides her invaluable insights into Japanese work culture.

On campus, Areeba finds solace and connection at the Sora Cafe and values the presence of the Prayer Room. One of her most cherished memories involves the Cosplay Copyright class, an occasion where students donned captivating costumes in a display of creativity and unity.

Why did you decide to study in Japan and at NUCB?

Choosing to study in Japan was a natural step for me, given my deep connection to the country and its culture. Frequent visits during my summer breaks since 2014 kindled my admiration for Japan's unique blend of tradition and modernity. This admiration grew even stronger when my family decided to make Japan our permanent home three years ago, driven by my father's business ventures.

My journey to NUCB began when I searched for international universities in Japan. After discovering NUCB, I explored their courses and programs. The Double Degree program perfectly matched my aspirations, prompting me to start the application process.

The application process itself was impressively smooth and well-organized. The entire NUCB team, from faculty to administrative staff, provided remarkable support. Though I was initially nervous about the interview, the professors conducting it exceeded my expectations. Their genuine interest in my aspirations and motivations created an atmosphere of encouragement and exchange. This approach eased my apprehensions and allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the interview process.

What is your impression of the Case Study Method?

Regarding the case study approach, it's my first encounter with this method, and I find it to be quite enriching. From my perspective, case study has led to active engagement among all of us during class discussions. This dynamic participation aligns well with NUCB's emphasis on class involvement, which I believe is a valuable practice for the future. This experience offers a great opportunity to enhance your engagement skills, which are crucial moving forward.