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Santin, Exchange Student From Florida International University

My name is Santin and I am Dominican/Swedish. At my home university, Florida International University, I am working towards a bachelor degree in International Business. For the last six years I have been helping facilitate the growth of an acupuncture clinic, and recently have been a bartender to acquire a skill that will allow me to travel the world at a young age.

Memories that will last a lifetime

Being an exchange student in Japan has been the best life experience I have ever had. To fully immerse myself into another countries culture so different from the one I grew up with allowed myself to grow tremendously and rapidly. The memories created within this country, along with the connections made, will last a lifetime.

Through NUCB I am looking forward to doing the in school events. NUCB offers a large variety of these events that allow students easy access to various Japanese cultural events. I will with a group of other students explore the culinary and nature aspects of Japan through eating regional cuisine and hiking trips.