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Virtual Exchange Experience: National Taiwan University

Yohannes, 3rd year Global BBA Student

We are joined today by Yohannes, an Indonesian student who joined the Global BBA program in Spring 2019 after spending 1.5 years at a Japanese language school in Kyoto.

He has received multiple awards and scholarships during his time at NUCB, including the NUCB dormitory scholarship, JASSO Honors scholarship, NUCB outstanding student award and the NUCB Founder’s scholarship.

He recently completed a virtual overseas exchange program from one of our esteemed partner schools in Taiwan at National Taiwan University (NTU). Let’s find out more about why he chose to go to Taiwan on exchange and what he got out of the experience.

NUCB has over 100 partners across more than 40 countries, why did you choose Taiwan and NTU? How was the process and what help did you receive?

National Taiwan University (NTU) is the number one ranked university in the country and since I joined NUCB I have been eager to complete my exchange there to add value to my CV and to gain new skills.

I wanted to go to Taiwan as it is known as a major tech hub in Asia. It is also a good trade hub with many international companies based there.

One year before starting the program I started the process by having a consultation with the NUCB International Affairs Team. I was asked to write a motivational letter and have an interview to be officially nominated. Since I needed an English proficiency test, NUCB helped by providing the TOEIC test at a discount rate (~2,000 JPY) saving me time and money.

What did you learn on the exchange program?

Since I wanted to specialize in certain subjects for my future prospects, I was able to choose Cross Border Digital Trade, New Product Development and Marketing, and the Gig and Sharing Economy. I was also able to take Chinese language lessons.

I participated for 1 semester, with the courses lasting 16 weeks in total, using a hybrid of the case method and theory using textbooks. I was also able to continue my case seminar with NUCB during the exchange to ensure I can focus on my final project.

I loved the fact that I got to expand my network and meet students from all over the world. The courses I was able to take made me very motivated as they are closely related to where I see myself in the future.

Although the exchange program was virtual, I am still glad that I took the opportunity. There were no additional costs involved and I have come back to my final year motivated, refreshed and ready to start preparing for a career in Japan in the trade industry.