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Mariam, Exchange Student From Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology, Egypt

Mariam, Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST)

Introducing Mariam, an international exchange student at NUCB whose educational journey has been shaped by her unique experiences and cultural transitions. Originally from Egypt, Mariam finds herself immersed in the dynamic learning environment of NUCB, where prepping for cases offers her a valuable corporate insight. Living in Japan has significantly impacted her personal growth, emphasizing patience, organization, and a strong work ethic.

What differences have you noticed in teaching styles between NUCB and institutions in your home country?

I've never used the case study approach before coming to NUCB, so this is fresh and unusual for me. I have to read the case and study for any related questions ahead of time, which actually provides me with a wealth of corporate knowledge. Although we don't have case method style in my own country, I still have to attend lectures to find out which exact chapter we will be studying, and the lecturer must provide us with all the details and calculations related to the chapter.

What impact has living in Japan had on your personal growth and worldview?

1. To approach everything with patience, including people, life, and studying.
2. Organization: Japan has a very ordered approach to everything, which has had a significant impact on me personally. I am pleased with my increased organization.
3. Everyone here works incredibly hard. Both their employment and the clients are important to them.

What is your favorite aspect of Japanese culture, and how has it influenced you?

I believe the tea ceremony is what made me realize how much Japanese people enjoy tea, particularly green tea, which I had no idea about previously. As a result, I tried a variety of tea flavors. Additionally, sushi is often associated with Japanese culture. Personally, I adore sushi and enjoy trying out different varieties.

What advice would you give to future exchange students to help them prepare for life in Japan?

I would like to tell them that there are strict rules in Japan and that you should constantly be mindful of what you do. To visit Japan, one must be well-organized and a good person. If you want to respect Japanese customs and habits, you should learn more about their culture. Finally, remember to be thankful for the chance to come to Japan.

Can you describe a typical day in your life as a student at NUCB?

This term, I have afternoon classes all but the Japanese one. The day before class, I get ready for the case. On days that I have classes, I get up at 11:00 a.m., have a quick shower, eat breakfast, pack my bag, and then I head to the university on foot. I attend my class which I always actively participate in because I find it enjoyable, and in the break, I go to pray in the prayer room and then have a snack afterwards. After class, I head home to make dinner and watch a movie. After that, I meet up with some other exchange students to play cards or have a conversation about our lives. Lastly, by 12:00 pm, I get to bed.

How do you typically spend weekends or holidays while studying in Japan?

Whether it's cooking something I love and watching a good series at home, or cleaning my room because I love to tidy my own space and take a big breath when I'm done, I prefer to have fun and unwind on the weekends. Along with having enjoyable activities like skating or visiting the zoo, I can go out and eat various foods with my friends and review them.

Can you talk about a particularly inspiring or influential professor or class at NUCB?

Professor Hakeem's International Business course was one of my favorites because there were always activities to participate in, and we were all listening to each other's ideas. I liked how the professor was constantly encouraging people to speak up.

I also enjoyed Professor Sandy's Operational Excellence course because we always had exercises and new things to do as a team. The professor motivates me to pay attention in class at all times. She is very nice and decent to everyone. I adore her.