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Hugo, Exchange Student From ISEG School of Management, France

Hugo, ISEG School of Management in France

We caught up with Hugo, a student from ISEG School of Management in France, who is enjoying his life at our International Dormitory - Sanbongi Campus. He was drawn to Japan by its unique culture and his own desire for personal growth. Now, he appreciates the lively and friendly atmosphere of the dormitory, confirming his choice of Japan as the ideal location for his exchange program.

Why did you choose to pursue your studies in Japan?

Before leaving, I already had a deep appreciation for Japanese culture. I was seeking a significant change and an opportunity to experience something new. Japan seemed like the perfect destination for me.

How do you find dormitory life? What are the benefits of living in the Sanbongi Campus Dormitory?

Dormitory life is really interesting! It offers a good balance of privacy and easy socializing with friends. The dormitory itself is lovely, and I especially enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

The proximity to school is incredibly convenient. You can walk, take the bus, or ride a bicycle. Personally, I prefer cycling—it only takes me 20 minutes, and the cost of the bicycle was around 20,000 JPY. It's a worthwhile investment, as I can also use it to reach the train station or the grocery store within 20 minutes.

How convenient is the area surrounding the dormitory? Is it easy to access local supermarkets or drugstores?

There are two convenience stores near the dormitory. The supermarket is a 35-minute walk or a 20-minute bike ride. Community life is truly rewarding, and everyone is incredibly kind. I remember the first night when all the exchange students arrived—we gathered, met each other, and had a fantastic time. The atmosphere is welcoming and respectful.

NUCB International Dormitories

NUCB offers dormitories where both Japanese and international students reside - fostering an international community both on and off-campus. At NUCB, we consider living together with students from other cultural backgrounds to be a critical part of the international experience - Students with diverse social, linguistic, cultural and religious backgrounds, personalities and ways of thinking live in the dormitories.

Our objective is not only to provide an optimal learning environment but to give an experience of a lifetime to build lifelong friendships and interact with people from diverse cultures on a daily basis making your time here unforgettable. Students can move into dormitories when they enroll in April or September and stay for all 4-years, including winter and summer breaks. Our international affairs department provides a check-in for all students to acclimatize to their new environment.