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Nathanael, Indonesia

Why did you choose Japan to further your studies?

Nathanael (Indonesia) Citra Kasih Senior High School Indonesia

I choose Japan because I want to study in an international environment. I believe that learning in an international environment can help me learn a lot of perspectives, cultures or even opportunities for business in the future.

I first came across NUCB at a Japan education expo in Jakarta. NUCB offers what many universities in Japan do not - an international environment where professors and students come from all around the world. Additionally, NUCB has AACSB accreditation which means that it provides an excellent education.

Some students prefer cities like Tokyo, what made you interested in coming to Greater Nagoya?

One reason why I choose this city is because the cost of living compared to Tokyo is much lower and Tokyo is also quite mainstream. I want to explore new places. Another good thing about Nagoya is that it's close to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto because it lies in the middle of those cities.  On holidays, I think it's great that I and my friends can visit those places with ease.

Having recently joined the Global BBA Program (September 2020), have you found the adjustment easy?

Overall, I have not had any problems adjusting to the program. Although, I was quite paranoid at first because we need to read cases before classes and I thought that it was going to be difficult, but it turned out to be OK.  The cases for my first term were not too long, and the assignments were not too difficult in my opinion.

We are living in new times with online lessons for the time being. What are your thoughts about NUCBs online lessons, have you enjoyed them?

The online lessons are good, but I still prefer offline lessons. The thing that I like the most about online lessons is that students can contact teachers conveniently with zoom in the set office hours.