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Hiro, Japan


Hiro (Japan) Highlands International Boarding School, Pusat Bahasa Teikyo (Malaysia)

We interviewed Hiro, A Japanese national who has spent most of his life in Malaysia. He completed his IGCSE and O Levels at Highlands International Boarding School in Genting, before going on to take the EJU and JLPT at Pusat Bahasa Teikyo, the sole institution recognized by The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a University preparatory course for students without 12 years of education.

Why did you choose Japan to further your studies?

As I spent most of my life in Malaysia, I wanted to know more about my roots and experience Japanese culture, which is relatively new to me. I also wanted to be close to my parents living in Kyoto.

Where did you first hear of NUCB? Why did you choose the Global BBA Program?

After studying Japanese at the language school in Kuala Lumpur, I thought I would have to study for my degree in Japanese. Fortunately, my teacher introduced to me the Global BBA Program at NUCB - an entirely English-taught degree that allows me to take intermediate and advanced Japanese lessons

I  like the Case Study method as I think it is efficient to get people to learn by learning from real situations rather than lectures.
It is great to be able to discuss and share ideas with students from all over the world, and we often learn from each other.

My favorite class so far has been Introduction to Business Law taught by Professor Anthony Townley, he is really nice and good at managing group activities. During the Copyright case about Japan and Cosplay, we ended up coming to class in costume, and it was a great way to get everyone to participate. I went as Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer.

What do you want to do in the future?

At the moment I am working part-time in the Family Mart about close to Sanbongi Campus international dormitory. I just walked in with my resume and got a job straight away. I am saving up as I want to buy a car (Subaru Impreza). In the future, I would like to have my own car garage.

I am linking that in with the NUCB language exchange which Mr. Garcia helps us with in the Library. My partner and I converse in Japanese and English about our hobbies, mainly talking about cars and maintenance.