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Ahmed, Sudan


Ahmed (Sudan), Global Indian International School (GIIS), Tokyo

Ahmed was the first student from Sudan to join NUCB, increasing our students from Middle East and Africa, where we have students from Libya, Ghana, Uganda, and Yemen. After studying in the first graduating class of Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Tokyo Japan, we asked him about his time so far on the Global BBA program.

Why did you want to study in Japan?

I was raised in Japan, so I wanted to continue studying here. Japan is an amazing country with many opportunities.

I wanted to join a business school after high school and before graduating, NUCB reached out to my high school and introduced themselves. I then researched further about the Global BBA and met a representative at their Tokyo Campus (Graduate School) for a presentation. The application process was straightforward and I enjoyed the chance to speak with professors.

What is your impression of the Case Study Method?

I am familiar with the case study method as in high school, most of the business classes involved the use of cases and the style suits me a lot.

Are you working part-time?

I am planning on working part-time now that I am settling into my studies. Before joining NUCB I used to model in Tokyo and I am looking for opportunities in Nagoya.