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Raghul, India


Raghul, left (India) M.C.T.M Chidambaram Chettyar International School India

Why did you choose Japan to pursue your studies?

What really drew me to Japan and NUCB was the growing popularity of Japanese companies in India which are slowly gaining market dominance. This fact stirred my mind and had me looking eastward for my higher education. Additionally, my exposure to Japanese literature also played a role in my decision to study in Japan. The authors of the various pieces I have had the pleasure of reading had an abundance of detailed descriptions that really pulled at my imagination to visualize the beauty of the country.

What differences have you noticed between Japan and your home country?

What I really loved and appreciated in Japan would probably be the peaceful vibe the country creates contrary to the more lively and noisy India. This quiet ambience really offered me the freedom to be more productive and also kept me fresh and full of energy throughout the day.

Tell us about your weekly schedule.

I usually take the bus to campus and walk back to the dorm after classes. The classes on their own are joyously erratic, some classes would be upbeat and fast-paced, and other classes more tranquil. After returning to the dorm, I usually spend my time finishing the prep work for the next class and move on to get in touch with my friends and family in the evenings. The weekends were usually spent with friends, grocery shopping or simply wandering through the cityscape of Nagoya.

You have taken part in some of our cultural enrichment activities, what has been your favorite and why?

My most memorable experience would probably be my trip to Kumano Kodo. The trip was special to me because I was able to experience a more rural aspect of Japan which was in sharp contrast to the cityscapes which I am typically used to, moreover, I got to be involved in this trip with some of my friends which made the trip all the more enjoyable. Through the course of the trip, I got to witness landscapes that were non-existent to my hometown, venture out and explore mountain trails, see different temples and draw parallels to the ones back home and enjoy delectable food which made the experience more novel than it already was to me.

What do you enjoy the most about the case method of teaching?

The best thing about the case method is that it leaves students to their own devices lending them a platform to draw up ideas and opinions and voice them out, in a scenario like this the instructor is merely a facilitator and a guide simply leading them and not offering answers outright. This fashion of teaching helps students be more self-sufficient and learn from their peers constantly improving one another.

Did the IB prepare you well for this style of teaching, if so how?

I feel that the IB program prepared me quite well for the case method approach as it was extensively used back in my high school. It was able to equip me with the right skill set in order to manage the aforementioned style of teaching.

What is one of your favorite classes and why?

I would say Behavioural Economics is my favorite class so far. It was interesting to learn about how consumers react to different situations and how they are easily manipulated. Additionally, the instructor’s enthusiasm and fondness for his subject also made a huge impression on me making for a lively classroom experience.

What do you think of the dormitories, do you prefer the single option?

I think the dormitories are great as they are. I enjoy them having friends on the same floor. I would say a single-bedroom dorm would always be my preference as I would be able to do things at my own pace and time. In addition to that, if I were to have a roommate there may be some friction, as I also like to have my own space at times effectively making me incompatible for shared rooms.