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Hafiz, Indonesia


Hafiz (Indonesia), Temasek Independent School Indonesia

We are joined today by Hafiz, who came to NUCB in April 2020. Hafiz completed 2 years at EHLE Institute - a Japanese language school located in Osaka after studying his GCE-O Levels in Indonesia. Let’s find out more about Hafiz’s reasons for choosing Japan and NUCB’s Global BBA Program.

Why did you want to study Japanese first before going to university?

With Japan being an economic powerhouse and currently number 3 in the world I thought they must be doing something right. I wanted a chance to gain knowledge from companies and learn more about the Japanese culture to see what makes them so successful.

I first discovered NUCB at a university fair in Osaka, and knowing that it was one of the best business schools in Asia I was immediately drawn to apply. Also, there are not many schools in Asia that teach a BBA entirely in English.

What has been one of your favorite clasess?

I really liked Prof. Goi’s class on Design Thinking as we get to apply our theoretical knowledge to projects outside of class, for example one of our missions was to increase the number of foreigners for a museum that helps people with dementia located in Nagoya so we created a website for them.

Another class I really enjoyed was International and Sustainable Development taught by Prof. Ito. His experience of working for UNESCO and UNICEF and living in Europe and South America is really fascinating. I think it's important to note that business is not only about profits but giving back to society.

I also really enjoy the case method - it took me a while to get used to it as it was definitely different from my high school experience but now I enjoy learning from different perspectives and being able to share my opinion.

Are you working part-time?

I am currently working at a yakiniku restaurant in downtown Nagoya. I can earn around 40,000 JPY a month which helps pay towards my living expenses. It’s great because I get to use Japanese language daily. I am living in Hirabari, which is halfway between the Nisshin campus and downtown Nagoya so my commute is much more convenient.