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Akshit, India


AK (India), Indian International School In Japan (IB) Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School India

We are joined today by Akshit (A.K), who came to NUCB in September 2019. After spending time in both India and Japan, he talks about his adaptation to the case method after his CBSE studies and his life as a vegetarian in Japan.

Why did you choose Japan and NUCB for your studies?

I had spent most of my life in Japan as my family lives here running their own business. When it came to university I wanted to do something different, whilst many of my friends chose western countries, I think Japan offers a fantastic experience. A BBA is very common in India and many people combine it with an MBA, but finding it taught in English in Asia is very rare.

What do you think of the case method?

It was my first time to experience the case method as all of my studies previously were theory-based. In the beginning, I was a little shy to participate and I was not that confident. But by practising the case method daily I have improved my public speaking and presentation skills as well as my social skills.

I love the fact that I can express my feelings in a safe environment. The case method is very challenging but also very rewarding and quite fun. It is great to be in an international environment and learn from other people's perspectives.

One of my favourite classes has been Supply Chain Management taught by Prof. Sandy Wong. I enjoy how she teaches and I have learnt so much in a short space of time.

You are a vegetarian, is it difficult for you to live comfortably in Japan?

It is not that difficult. If you need to cook, it just may take more time, but nowadays there are many options to eat out in Japan. There are many Japanese traditional foods that are vegetarian and vegetarians can also remove some of the ingredients from their dishes in restaurants if they don’t want it.

Finally, what is your future goal?

I want to get some experience working after graduation to learn more about Japanese business etiquette. My family runs a jewellery business in Yamanashi, Japan and I want to join the company and expand their business. At the moment I have JLPT N4 level and I am studying to get better, I am hoping to go to a language school this summer.