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Rachel, Indonesia


Rachel (Indonesia) Sekolah Pelita Harapan Sentul, Indonesia・Edmonds College USA

We are joined today by Rachel, who joined the Global BBA Program in Spring 2021 after transferring to the second year from a Community College in Washington, USA. Let's find out more her reasons for choosing NUCB for her studies.

Why did you study in the USA at a Community College?

I think community colleges offer students a great opportunity to study at an affordable price, to then transfer to a 4-year bachelor program. For me I was a little unsure on what I wanted to study, so initially studying liberal arts gave me the platform to find my passion.

How was the application process to NUCB?

Everything was very straightforward and the communication with admissions was transparent and clear. After submitting my application including my syllabi and transcripts,  I was then invited to take an interview and case study exam. With my acceptance letter I was then told how many credits I could transfer before making my final decision.

What was your deciding factors to study in Japan and at NUCB?

When the pandemic hit, I flew home and I was discussing with family what to do with my education. I didn't want to force myself back to the USA due to the situation there and my parents and I felt it was best to move somewhere closer to home.

Japan was always on my list of study destinations as I have visited many times since a young age. The culture and way of life fascinates me. My previous high school counselor from SPH Sentul introduce me to NUCB as one of the few universities in Japan that accept transfer students. I really liked the idea of the case method and how the curriculum was diverse.

What do you like about the Case Method, and what has been your favorite class so far?

I like how it forces you to be independent as I have always been taught do learn to do things on your own and not rely on others. The case study method teaches you to think inside and outside the box whilst also cultivating leadership skills. One of my favorite classes so far has been International Management by Dr. Hakeem as I have learnt so much about global business environments, and he explains concepts in a very clear way.