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Marah, Libya


Marah (Libya), UWC ISAK Japan

My name is Marah (which means fun in Arabic), I am from Libya, and I was born and raised in the capital Tripoli.

In 2018, I applied to an international high school called United World College (UWC). I applied through my national committee and got chosen from 200 applicants. I started my studies in 2018 in Karuizawa, UWC ISAK Japan (学校法人ユナイテッド・ワールド・

Why did you choose Japan and NUCB to further your studies?

As I went to an international high school in Japan, I was lucky enough to have access to many top universities around the world. However, I chose Japan because of the uniqueness and safety on offer.

I was given a full-ride scholarship from the Nippon Foundation, for which I am forever grateful for. With this scholarship I could choose any university in Japan, but I chose NUCB and the Global BBA Program after a representative visited the school and provided us with a presentation. I was instantly sold with the case method of teaching, double degree partners in France, as well as the diverse student and faculty body.

The application process was pretty smooth, and I appreciated the constant communication from the admissions department.

What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite class has to be Law and the Environment, with professor Anthony Townley. In that class we learned much more than just the business law and the effects on the environment. I learned the skills for professional business report writing, how to speak with business and law terms, and how to make a business proposal.

Adding to the learning process, the safe environment the professor created was also one of the reasons why it was my favorite class. He would never judge or make a comment about what you say, he tries so hard to understand where you are coming from and build on it.

I also enjoyed  Design Thinking with professor Hoe Chin Goi , it was a real-life case study with real life projects with a local business.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

Sora Cafe, it is not just a cafe it is much more than that. It is where we socialize with all our seniors and juniors, also with our teachers. Having lunch with our teachers creates different types of bonds and you learn more about them on a personal level, it might lead to a common interest and they will help you with achieving any goals if they could.

What dormitory are you in? What do you think?

I am in the international dormitory - Sanbongi- an all girls dorm. The rooms are pretty nice, specious, very clean and have all the necessities you want. It takes 10 mins by bus to go to class and also living together with other students makes it so much easier to be away from home.