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Stanley, Thailand / Hong Kong

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Stanley (Thailand/Hong Kong), Harrow International School Bangkok

We interviewed Stanley, who joined the Global BBA Program in 2021 after taking his A-Levels at Harrow International School Bangkok, Thailand.

Why did you choose NUCB and Japan to further your studies?

After several trips to Japan when I was younger, I wanted to explore the country and learn more about Japanese culture.

I first heard about NUCB and the Global BBA Program from a fellow classmate in school who was also applying. The application process went pretty smoothly and the admissions team was very responsive to emails and that helped a lot.

NUCB also has a partner agreement with Monash University in Australia and I hope to go in my 2nd or 3rd year.

What is your impression of the case method? What has been your favorite class so far?

When I did my A-Levels with Harrow International School, we also studied with the case study method(or something similar). So adapting to NUCB has been great so far.

I think the case method is very helpful as we can take what we have learned through case method studies and apply it to real life situations. There are a wide variety of cases that we have to read and study so I think it would be useful in the future.

My favorite class to date has been Design Thinking taught by Professor Goi. I found the class very interesting and fun. We had to devise a solution through innovative ideas where a local fruit park could attract more foreign visitors. Furthermore we had to make a presentation and website for the task and I got to learn new skills such as knowing how to navigate and use google analytics to track website visitors and how engaging the site is. It was also one of the first group projects I did in University so I was excited to work with other students.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time on the weekends I like to hang out and explore the city with my friends if I can. Before class I would normally be re-reading a case study that will be used in the next class. After class in my free time I like to do some photography or learn how to cook new dishes.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

In my opinion, the classrooms are the best, the chairs are very comfortable and they have charging outlets under the table for each seat, this is great because sometimes I forget to charge my laptop before class.

The seatings are in a U-like shape putting the professor or whoever is talking in the centre of the room meaning it makes it easier for me to hear or see the teacher from wherever I’m sitting.