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Dennis, Myanmar


Dennis (Myanmar), Practising High School, Yangon University of Education

We met with Dennis from Myanmar who came to NUCB in the Fall of 2022 after studying at the University of Yangon, Myanmar. He was the first of two Burmese students to join our Global BBA Program and with more students from Myanmar choosing Japan to pursue their studies, we asked how he is settling in.

Why did you choose Japan for your studies?

I was initially studying for an undergraduate degree in Myanmar, however, political instability within the country also affected our education and that led me to move abroad and restart my studies.

If I have to talk about Japan, I need to mention that I am the 3rd generation from my family to come to Japan for a long-term stay. My grandparents, my uncle and most of my relatives used to live in Japan for several reasons. Since I was a child, I heard a lot about the country and  Japanese people, so I thought it would be a good chance for me to study there.

Since I joined the Global BBA in September, I really like how all the staff on campus at NUCB are very friendly and helpful to students. They make our student life so much better.

What do you think of the Case Study Method we use?

The Case Study Method was very foreign to me until I arrived at NUCB. However, I found it easy to fit into the system as we experienced the demo lesson at orientation. I like how the classes are not based solely on exams but on active participation and contribution in the class, which I believe we can only do if we are motivated. I think the case study method really pushes students to study and work harder.