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Kiki, China


Kiki (China), St. Paul American School, Beijing, China

We interviewed Kiki, who joined the Global BBA Program in 2022 from St. Paul American School, an international school in Beijing, China. Kiki describes herself as an optimistic person who enjoys reading and sports, such as volleyball, badminton, swimming, and basketball.

What do you think of the Case Method used at NUCB?

When I first started studying using the Case Study Method, it took me a while to get used to it because I had never experienced it before. After a period of adaptation, I gradually discovered the benefits.

The Case Study Method allows me to anticipate what the professor will discuss next lesson, which helps the class go smoothly. After reading the pre-assigned case, I am more enthusiastic to answer questions and share my thoughts during class because that is the result of my efforts. I like the Case Study Method very much because I sometimes don't take the initiative to learn, but I am motivated by the fact we have to read a Case Study every day.

What professor has inspired your the most?

My favorite professor so far is May May Ho. Her class is always active and won't make you feel bored or ignored - she has great teaching skills and is an interesting character.

She will keep us focused in the classroom and makes every student speak and participate in the course as much as possible by encouraging those who have not spoken yet to share their opinions.

Professor May May discusses the problems in each case study and occasionally extends the discussion beyond the required readings.  She will clearly let you know her grading standard (rubric), which is transparent for getting good grades.

What is your favorite facility on campus?

My favorite facility is the 7-11 on campus. It is very convenient and it is not far to walk to from the classrooms. I can buy my favorite snacks there like fried chicken, matcha cake, and strawberry flavored pocky.